Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.
Inspired to write-when I have very little time and plenty to do! Good Friday, Brunch ,seeing friends washing up and false eyelashes to apply and I want to write.
These last few months have been tough both financially and emotionally. I have never searched this long or hard for a job (I have high hopes for my new job) It gave me time to 're arrange' some values and ideas that I've held to for a long time ( I think that deserves a post all of its own) Today was really about something very simple: In an age that means we are able to connect with people,all around the world,easily and at pretty much anytime, do you know your neighbors? The old guy with the mechanical voice box who lives in your street? The nuclear  family across the way? Maybe the 'Power couple" down the road? Probably not. Why is that? Our parents talk of playing outside until its dark with all the kids from the neighborhood,why aren't we? Why aren't we chatting to them? Saying hello and a nod-is that enough? Maybe,as a thought,grab a bag of mini eggs,put them in a pretty basket and go and knock on a couple of doors. Say hi and Happy Easter I am your neighbor and I want to get to know you.*

*choose wisely, I take no responsibility if you end up being the gopher for the mean old lady,who lives in the spooky looking house at the end of the street.

Happy Easter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I d do anything for love.....

Hello Lovelies,
Last saturday morning I awoke quietly. Mr W works late on Fridays so I let him sleep,whilst I have a big bubble bath or paint my nails. On this particular Saturday I did both I then slid back into bed,looking fresh faced and red taloned, I had plans on just how to wake him up....

He rolled over and announced that he had to go to the studio and would I like to come with him...."As you have small hands,perfect for doing some sanding" Mr W chuckled (yes,he chuckles) as I  looked down at my manicure and then at him with the 'Are you kidding me ?' kind-of-look. 
Now, Mr W is a very talented sculptor,however when your hands are as  big as Pamela Anderson's assets,sanding things of a more delicate nature can prove difficult. And by sanding I mean with little bit of sandpaper,that have to be wet,so not only did my nails go from this:
P.S Thank-you Dita for being Today's hand model.....

To this: 
The pads of my digits were soooo wrinkly from the watery torture I had subjected them to the last two hours.
My fingers made King Tuts' mummified body look like an extra from Desperate housewives (dead,but wrinkle free)  So now I hear you say why?! Why sacrifice the manicure and then complain-blog it. Well I ll tell you, 
I secretly love it. 
I get to spend a few hours watching Mr W create works of art, to talk and debate,which funnily enough-doesnt nearly seem as wanky as that reads. 

Mostly  I do it because I love him and know that tonight I will have both another bubble bath and a glass of champagne poured for me. Oh and that one day he ll be making a mint from his art and I ll not feel one bit guilty about paying for a manicure with that money! I will also be buying one of these with said money.

So my question to you is "What,if anything to you sacrifice in the name of love for your nearest and dearest???  

No copyright infringement intended

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lovely Lady Liz.
 You may see that I have a bit of a thing for her. Something between a girl crush and my total style goddess . And why not,she is what I would look like if I wasn't obsessed with my other obsession-food! How can I not love a woman who married 8 times and had 7 husbands?! I wonder if she kept all the rings?? I also love watching Liz and Richard Burton on film together,when he holds her and gently rubs her arm with his thumb. Which is one of the things I love about my love Mr W,he does it when we are at a party, or sitting on a ferry. Its one of those things that makes me tingle and that says that 'I love you' without saying it. Do you think Liz had feeling? 8 times?!  Well lets keep it short today, I am going to leave you with some of my favourite pics of Liz.  What is your favourite Elizabeth Taylor look.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I do not like this weather,the still ugliness of heat. I long for the British summer,staying out all day,in the sun without worrying that I ll end up looking like a Bondi backpacker. I am fair,so I tend to worry more about covering up. Ive spent a few days of the past couple of weeks at this wonderful little treasure in the middle of Sydney harbor.    If you have children take them. If you have husbands or boyfriends take them.There is a steam powered crane on the far side of the island,and this is apparently the boy equivalent of seeing Elizabeth Taylor's jewels ALL of them.and allowed to try them on.  (hmm) There is also art,lots and lots of street art,from all over the world. But then there is this......

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I have a vision....for perfect brows

Brows Brows Brows! They define the borders of the face. Brows enhance your eyes and make you look younger,if shaped and coloured correctly.

My brows used to look like this.   

For a young lady who has such dark hair,by some freakishly strange gene I have light brows,which encouraged me to neglect them,for months and months AND months!. I was perfectly okay with this,before I knew what a good brow could do for me. Ohh and I do still fish face,but my brows now look like this- yay! 

The lady that tamed,coloured and shaped my brows to perfection has alas moved to Italy. So now the brow dying I do at home,but I have not found someone who really listens to and shares my Elizabeth Taylor vision I have for my brow beauties.
For good brow grooming I always have the following:
  • A great set of tweezers- I like Rubis as a brand,you used to able to get them from Mecca but you can only buy online,so worth it!  

  • Brow wax and powder, Benefits "BrowZings " is perfect,however I only use the travel sized brushes when I am on the go. Try to use a full size brush when applying. This is to ensure even application of the wax and powder. I then use a comb to smooth the hair and combine the wax and powder in the brow for a more natural finish. I keep the mascara wands from when I have my brows done as I believe that these are the BEST combs (and free)
  • Brow gel or good,but it can be that one extra item you can really do without IF you have already plucked,shaped and filled in your eyebrows each morning. So I swipe a tiny spray of hairspray over my mascara wand and run that through.  I would recommend Brow gel however if you don't fill in your brows but just want to look groomed, again Benefit do a good one, or a little more luxurious would the Bobby Brown one.
  • Highlighting. Under the brows,highlighting can be beneficial for giving the brow a lift. I like to use a soft pink rather than a stark white and blend well.
So I have some homework for you all:
1. I need a brow wax ASAP,please recommend
2. Would you like a video tutorial on how I do my brows??

 Love Lady M

Image borrowed from original artist and the pictures of me,well lets just blame those on vanity

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Style is what you make it

Style is what you make it, I think…..
Skin, for me is the most beautiful element about someone.
They could be dressed in courture but if their skin is unhealthy then it subtracts ‘something’ from the over all look.
 I believe the diet is important too, if only it was as important trying every flavour of Adriano Zumbo’s macaroons twice over.
My friend Ms S, raves about Pilates and has given me a copy of her CD, I barely get through the Beginners Yoga DVD she gave me for Christmas.
I like how I feel after Yoga, relaxed and happy, it’s like the feeling after swimming without the 1hrs bus ride to Bronte.

Wear sunscreen.

 I have a total love affair with le tan
Easy to use and then even make a tanning oil-with SPF, so I can smell like a tropical holiday and not turn the colour of my favourite MAC lipstick (Russian red BTW) I love the formulation (of the sunscreen) and can wear it under make up, go and buy some today, keep it in your handbag.

Wear a hat, I wear a Mary Makillop  girls school hat whilst padding in outdoor situations, yes I get some funny looks but I don’t get leathery. I also have a Kincoppel one for swimming in the Eastern suburbs (ha!)

 Please maintain your hair, even if short and manageable (hmm, I am not sure I d ever like to think I had a hairstyle because it was manageable.) Split ends are gross; learn to trim your own fringe. Do add a conditioning treatment to your routine
 I have a friend, who has platinum locks, but doesn’t use a blue shampoo or maintain her roots, if you cannot look after it then change your Barnet please!

Another woman whom I admire greatly has a wonderfully military/goth style wardrobe.
“C” told me the other week that she had to start dressing more sensibly more her age. My heart dropped, I don’t want anyone to think like that ever! I understand going from a bikini to a one piece and leaving the hot pants to Kylie. I had a blinding vision of my darling friend clogging her wardrobe with beige and sensible cuts.
This is a woman whom not a year ago bought this shade of Nars lipstick from me.

 Please C, do not change, take a leaf out of this blog and vamp it up! 
 C, I know you have a while to go before getting near these Glamorous Grannies. However, it only takes one beige stretch jersey skivvy to get onto the slippery slide to ‘Biscuit Bay

 I have a style, somewhere between the 40’s and 50’s with the occasional dressing down days, which still involve hair and make up.I love costume jewellery and cannot live without RED!
On an off duty day, jeans and black top, with a scarf and my favourite luxe lippy

 I am typing this as my nails dry with a coat of Cherry red nail varnish. It is the details that matter, nails, skin and a smile.

Tell me about your favourite at home beauty treat……

Monday, July 11, 2011

Purist Company-By ME!

So I was still working for a beautiful makeup brand-when I was asked by another beauty editor if i was interested in writing for an online magazine. I said YES! but was thinking, 'I am not good enough'. Anyway, I emailed her and the email bounced back, twice! Disappointed I decided it was not meant to be and squirreled the paper away.
I left the job and found the 'squirreled' piece of paper. I sat down and emailed-this time, it did not bounce back,in fact a few hours later I received a lovely email,inviting me to a beauty event, a real event! My heart skipped a beat all day.....
So, after going to the event, I wrote this article and it was published today. (please read) 

 I would like to thank the following: Puffino,for all your help and encouragement, mommy again for her encouragement. My Papa,who I am sure had something to do with all of this (thank you!!)  Miss R Stevens,for your suggestion and help. To Mrs Woog from Woogsworld, Casey Staar, Janet and Jackie from Beauty Heaven and Beauty Directory all the beauty editors who took the time to listen to me prattle (Amy Collins Walker, Cherie Herrmann, Sarah Mac Crae),you all inspired me greatly!
I will be blogging again both food and beauty-suggestions please!
Lady Munchkinioxxxx